Who the hell is this guy?

Hello, my name is Chad and welcome to my blog, Large Bald Man. I guess this is the section where you learn all about me and my writing adventure that is this website. Since this is the about me page, let’s get started shall we?

It all began before I was born. I was the strongest swimmer in my family and made it to the life raft first. After that, there was a lot of pressure to push on with life, so I headed into the world feet first, which really upset my mother, mostly because she was a Pete Rose fan and thought I should slide into home head first.

After many years of getting taller and better looking, I found myself at a crossroads. Keep on doing a job I hated or go to school and be broke doing something I liked. So off to community college I went to study engineering. Oddly enough, I graduated with a design degree instead. I found a passion for the form and style of things, as opposed to inner workings of them. Mostly I got tired of doing math.

My other new found love was stringing words together to make relatively intelligible sentences and paragraphs. I found a way to use words to paint a picture, and convey messages and emotions that I didn’t know I had. It was a skill acquired by necessity, to compete with students half my age.

During this period of my life, I gained a home, pets, a new perspective on spirituality, and a wonderful partner, who I won’t name here, because she really doesn’t want to mentioned publicly on a blog or anything where I may voice a controversial opinion.

I also lost things, damn hard things.

My father died in April 2018 after a prolonged battle with health issues. He was my best friend.

The loss of my father has changed me profoundly. For awhile, and occasionally still, I have these deep bouts of sadness and loneliness, even when I am with other family and friends. I sometimes also have issues with my own demons, like anger, depression and a deep unrelenting sadness.

But I am trying various ways to get through it, and I will. Probably with a sick sense of self deprecating humor and a very large dose of sarcasm.

The basics of my plan moving forward have evolved into a mission statement for my life and this blog.

So I present to you, my manifesto for dealing with my life moving forward.

The first thing is this blog.

It is toxic to hold in these feelings, I needed an outlet. Not just for my emotions and sanity, but to hopefully let people, mostly men, realize it i okay to share their thoughts and feelings about love, loss, and everything in between. I will probably share my unsolicited opinion on various topics as well. I intend to use the language of my choosing, so if cursing offends you, you might not want to read this blog regularly.

Secondly is through seeking a kind of enlightenment.

I have been intrigued by Buddhism, especially Zen for quite some time. I intend to dive into this further, and hopefully gain some peace of mind. I have often shied away from western religions, because too often the views of western churches have been used to demonize groups of people for their personal lives, shape unjust laws and guide people into narrow views that grow into hatred and anger.

Next is health

I struggle with making healthy choices. Dad died because he didn’t make great choices for himself and his health. I am going to attempt a course correction for my own life and explore new things, that will possibly help me live a longer life.

Trying new things.

By forcing myself out of my comfort zone, I can learn about culture and society, and the differences and similarities that we all truly have underneath the surface. Plus it’s fun to explore new activities and people. If there is a chance I could get hurt, or do something stupid I will be sure to film it for you. Nothing says “I’m a dumbass” like recording a thing I am clearly not meant to do, and doing it anyway.

Talk about things that matter and things that don’t equally.

Depending on my mood, I may cover the political climate, societal observations, some funny thing I heard, or a great movie. I don’t even know what to expect out of my own mind and mouth most of the times, so basically expect anything and everything.

Be creative and share it.

Art in any form is good for the soul. It is good for the artist, whether it is the written word, a painting, music and everything in between. It is good for the audience too, because if you pay attention to a piece of art, it will not only tell you things about it’s creator, it will tell you things about yourself too. Maybe things you didn’t even realize were possible.

This list is a living thing, and may include new things as I move forward, or as you and I move forward together.

So thanks for reading, and I hope you come back to see what comes out of my brain from article to article.

Above all else, know you are not alone.